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Checkerboard Wrasse
Halichoeres hortulanus
24 cm

Where Checkerboard Wrasses are found. Map from GBIF.
Count Log
You have not counted me yet. Visit the South Reef or North Reef , grab a tricoder, and click on me!

Encyclopedia of Life
Visit this species on the Encyclopedia of Life to find out more!
I like to hang out in the sandy patches surrounding the reef. I spend my days looking for food to munch on, and at night I rest and hide in the reef to escape bigger fish that want to eat me. I am known for my thick lips and big front teeth. My big teeth help me to munch on the hard and crunchy food I like!
Fun Facts
When I was young I was only black and white. As I grew up, I became more and more colorful. In my species, boys are usually more colorful than girls, and boys are responsible for taking care of the females. One male will be in charge of a group of several females and it's our job to make sure they can reproduce safely, otherwise our species is in trouble!
I think shrimps, crabs, clams, snails, and urchins are super tasty! I only eat other animals, so I am a carnivore.
Many people find me delicious and I also make a good pet. Sometimes they take too many of my species from the reef and this upsets the balance we reef creatures are used to. As long as humans are careful and fish my kind sustainably, we can all get along! Reefs are in danger, and that means so is my home!