Diodon hystrix
75 cm

Where Porcupinefish are found. Map from GBIF.
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I don't like to be with other Porcupinefish, so I am a solitary fish. You can only find me with other Porcupinefish when we reproduce. Then you can find a male and female together or a group of males with a single female. During the day, you can find me by myself in caves or underneath corals, but at night I swim around the reef and hunt for food. I have a beak-like jaw that I use to crush my food.
Fun Facts
I can puff up to protect my self from predators! My body is covered with long spines, and when I feel threatened I will take a big gulp of water and puff out like a balloon with my spikes sticking out. I can double or even triple in size, which makes me very difficult to eat! I am also poisonous. My skin and my organs have a toxic chemical in them. The toxic chemical is made by bacteria that I eat. I will make other fish and people very sick if they eat me.
I love to crunch and munch shrimps, crabs, and sea urchins. I will also snack on small fish. I only eat animals, so I am a carnivore.
Some people will catch me when I am puffed-up to sell in souvenir shops. Not many people catch me for food, because I am poisonous, but some people do! I am a special treat in Japan where trained chefs will cut out most of my poison parts before I am served for dinner. They have to be very careful, though; if they don't do it right I can still make people sick.