Red Cornetfish
Fistularia petimba
90 cm

Where Red Cornetfish are found. Map from GBIF.
Count Log
You have not counted me yet. Visit the South Reef or North Reef , grab a tricoder, and click on me!

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I am a slow swimmer, but can move very quickly when I am hunting. I will hide behind fatter fish to surprise my prey. I will also swim vertically (straight up and down) and hide in plants. You can find me in coral reefs swimming over coral, sandy bottoms or seagrass. When I am not hunting, I will float and rest near the bottom of the reef.
Fun Facts
I am a fish, but I don't have scales! I have a very long thin body, and I can grow over 3.3 feet (1 meter) in length. I may look skinny and harmless, but I am a predator and I can eat prey much bigger than me. I suck up my prey with my tube-like mouth, much like a vacuum!
My favorite food is other fish! I will eat both small and medium fish. I also like to eat shrimp and small squids. I only eat other animals so I'm a carnivore.
Not many people catch me to eat, but the reefs are in danger, and that means so is my home!