Red-Spotted Coral Crab
Trapezia tigrina
2 cm

Where Red-Spotted Coral Crabs are found. Map from GBIF.
Count Log
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I am a crustacean. Lobsters and shrimps are also crustaceans. I have a hard shell that protects me from predators, called an exoskeleton. When I grow larger I will molt, or shed, my old exoskeleton. I will then grow a larger exoskeleton to fit my new size. My favorite species of coral to live is on Pocillopora coral.
Fun Facts
You wanna fight me? I may be a small crab, but don't mess with me! I live on and in coral, and I will defend my home if you threaten me. I use my claws to pinch and drive away predators who want to eat me or my coral. When a Crown-of-thorns Sea Star climbs on top of my coral, I pinch its tube feet so that it will go eat some other coral somewhere else! This set up is good for both me and my coral. We live in a close, or symbiotic, relationship that is mutualistic. I have a safe place to live, and my coral is protected from predators.
I eat tiny animals that live in the sea called Zooplankton. I only eat animals, so I'm a carnivore.
Reefs are in danger, and that means so is my home!