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Reef Simulator

The graph below shows some populations of species that live in a healthy coral reef. You can use the Reef Simulator to see how human events can impact reefs. To get started, choose a situation from the list below. Then predict what will happen to these species, and see if your hypothesis is correct. Each situation that you successfully complete will increase your salary by 1 clam.
Healthy Reef
Show Legend
Overfishing For Food

See what happens when people catch too many fish from a reef to eat.

Overfishing For Aquariums

See what happens when people take too many colorful animals from a reef to sell in pet shops.

Coral Bleaching

See what happens when corals get stressed out.

Too Many Nutrients

See what happens when excess nutrients (like the chemicals nitrogen or phosphorus) are dumped on a reef.

Buried Reef

See what happens when sediments (like sand and soil) cover a coral reef.


See what happens when people don't follow the rules when diving on a reef.

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