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Reef Simulator

Make a hypothesis (educated guess) about what will happen.

Coral Bleaching
Show Legend

The temperature of the water near the reef has increased by 2°C. This is making the corals stressed and they are spitting out their zooxanthellae (ZOE-zahn-thelly) plant partners. Corals get a lot of their food and bright color from their zooxanthellae, so now they are hungry and look like they have been bleached white. The corals can't grow without food and some start to die. What do you think will happen to the reef?

I hypothesize that                                     population(s) will decrease.

only the Acropora Coral

the Turf Algae and the herbivore (Neon Damselfish)

the Acropora Coral and carnivores (Oval Butterflyfish and White-Tip Reef Shark)

none of the species

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