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Earning Clams


Clams are the foundation of Whyville's economy. You'll need clams to purchase face parts at Akbar's Face Mall, bricks and furniture for your home in Myville, Toyota Scions, and to participate in select activities.

Sure it's fun to use Whyville as a big chat room but that won't earn you clams. The richest citizens also happen to be the most involved citizens. Let's explore how they got so rich.

Playing Games

The simplest way to earn clams is just by playing games. There are dozens of fun games on Whyville that reward clams on the spot. The best thing you can do as a newbie is play as many games as possible and stock up on clams. Some say you can even earn 200 clams an hour if you're an expert!

Clam Salary

Your clam salary is a special salary awarded to you by Whyville each day you log in. There are tons of activities you can participate in that will raise your salary. These are known as Salary Games. Salary games are a special kind of game that doesn't reward clams, but when you beat a Salary Game, you get a raise in your clam salary.

There' a list of each of these special games in your Salary Ledger, the little black book at the top of each page. If you click on your Ledger, you can see how high your salary is and which games you'll need to beat to raise it to its highest.

To earn your salary, all you need to do is log in each day. It's a great way to get quick clams!

Managing Your Clams

Whyville has its very own bank to help citizens manage and save their clams. You can access your personal bank statement quickly by clicking on the orange piggy bank at the top of any page.

The Bank Statement shows you a complete record of every clam you earn or spend. Every citizen starts out with a checking account, but you can also open a savings account and buy CDs (Certificates of Deposit). Savings and CDs help you earn more clams because they earn interest.

Starting Your Own Business

It's possible in Whyville! Many of our more artistic citizens design face parts and sell them to other Whyvillians at Akbar's Face Mall. If you want to try your hand at designing, you'll have to purchase a Face Factory Voucher with Pearls, a special Whyville currency that costs real money.

Each voucher lets you design one part, like a hat or some cool eyes or a funky shirt, whatever you like! Then, you can start your own store at Akbar's and stock your products. You'll earn clams for every piece you sell.

If you're a Scion owner, you can also design decals to decorate your Scion and sell the designs to other owners at Club Scion.

What are you waiting for? There are so many ways to earn clams and become a virtual superstar. Start earning today!